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The Business Problem

Businesses accumulate massive amount of marketing data over a period of time in CRM and Marketing systems. The main challenge your team face is to maintain data accuracy. To solve this issue, we have launched a crowd-sourced data software - SmartWorker.

Our SaaS based marketing data cloud software can be used by your marketing teams to discover sales leads, ideal buyer profiles & competitive intelligence. Our data-as-a-service cloud also helps close deals faster, eliminate sales research, accelerate pipeline creation, beat competition & maintain CRM data accuracy. Most importantly, giving such simple data work assignment would help you achieve higher results on your marketing campaign through impact sourcing.

Through SmartWorker software, we hire unemployed youths and women from low income families and physically challenged. We train them to perform simple digital data tasks and connect them to life-changing work income via our online software.

This is an extra ordinary opportunity for global corporations to leverage Impact sourcing by employing us for marketing campaign data task projects. Data formatting, data sorting, removing duplicate data, data correction, data enrichment, contact discovery, data accuracy validation, data privacy compliance verification, email campaigns & internet data research etc are some of the tasks we do for our clients. Through SmartWorker, we promote Impact Sourcing that benefits disadvantaged people in areas of severely low employment.

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